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Is your organization positioned for women to thrive? Based on benchmarking data from new Mercer gender diversity research with 164 organizations in 28 countries – representing over 680,000 women – click to answer 13 simple questions and find out where you are on the journey to thriving – and where you can go from here.

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  1. Senior executives (i.e., CEO plus direct reports) are actively involved in diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs/initiatives.
  2. Bonuses/incentives for senior executives (i.e., CEO plus direct reports) are linked to the achievement of D&I goals.
  3. Our company has an explicitly stated pay equity policy that is publicly communicated.
  4. We have a dedicated team responsible for conducting pay equity analysis and ensuring pay equity adjustments are implemented.
  5. Gender diversity programs/initiatives also incorporate racial/ethnic differences.
  6. The person who is responsible for leading D&I initiatives has decision-making authority.
  7. Women are equally represented in profit and loss (P&L) roles as they are in non-P&L positions.
  8. We monitor savings ratios/investment choices by gender and our main retirement/savings education/training programs are customized to different gender behaviors.
  9. We offer specialized health education programs for women and believe they are important for attracting, developing, and retaining female talent.
  10. Benefit programs, such as flexible work arrangements and leave, are equally used between men and women.
  11. In our efforts to support diversity, flexible schedules and leave programs are top areas of emphasis for us.
  12. As you consider the following list of skills and attributes, which do you believe are most critical for future career success in your organization? (Select three of the nine attributes listed.) Success is defined as higher likelihood of promotion, access to special assignments, greater pay opportunities, etc.
    Select three of the following nine skills/attributes:
  13. To what extent are you confident in your organization’s ability to attract, develop, and retain female talent?
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